By Jay sigler & Justin M. Woodward

Jerry’s Book Sucks:
The Book

A Sci-fi Comedy Adventure Through Time and Space

Rob and Jerry were merely co-workers until one happy hour changed their lives forever. Both trying to impress a girl, they enter into a bet – Jerry’s sweet office up against Rob’s editing services. The competition was fierce until—

Okay, seriously, I can’t continue with that crap. As you can probably guess, I lost the stupid bet and had to edit this stupid book. I’ve written—but never edited—a book before. But a bet is a bet, so here it is. An intergalactic tale filled with absurd—yet somehow very familiar—characters and an even more ridiculous, but predictable plot – guy loves girl, girl loves guy, monster loves girl, monster steals girl and tries to kill guy. And oh yeah, there’s the whole thing about the universe hanging in the balance of potential destruction.

Jerry didn’t care too much about the editing process, heck, he didn’t even give the thing a title. He left that part up to me, so I came up with the most accurately truthful title I could think of.

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